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Ooooohhhh! You're a Couture Bitch™ aren't you!


Made with USDA organic, virgin, unrefined, coconut oil. She's a "Viva La Juicy" fragrance dupe created with phthalate-free fragrance oils.


The fashion forward fragrance includes amber and Egyptian musk mixed with citrus, lily of the valley, pink jasmine and warm woods.  The beautiful bright pink and white swirls making this Bitchy Bar™ fun and bold enough to gift to your favorite bitch (whether she's couture or not).


Bars have processed for a minimum of six - weeks to assure mildness. Test all Bitchy products on a small area inside of your arm for unknown sensitivity.


Bars are a minimum of 4.0 ounces in final weight.


Bitchy Bath and Body is not affiliated or associated with Juicy Couture.

Couture Bitch™

  • Saponified Organic Coconut Oil, fragrance oil, mica, titanium dioxide, and organic olive oil.

    "Don't be a dirty, bitter bitch! Be a clean, kind bitch!"™









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