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Are people calling you High Maintenance because you can be a little bit demanding? Well good for you! Who wants to be basic anyway?   


Sandalwood and Patchouli are perfect for a high maintenance bitch. These strong fragrances are perfect for anyone with a strong personality. Perfect for any season, but especially nice for winter when you may wear several layers of clothes.


These bars are made from our basic recipe starting with organic coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, and distilled water.  We add the fragrances to please your High Maintenance senses.  


Coconut oil is reported to keep odor at bay, reduce inflamation, and it is an awesome moisturizer.  


-Mild enough for all skin types.

-Excellent for removing makeup.


This bar is fit for all genders.  Can also be used for face or body.  Please test for sensitivities on a small area of the body before use.  


Bars are a minimum of 4 ounces in produced weight.  


High Maintenance Bitch™

SKU: High Maintenance Soap
  • Saponified Organic Coconut Oil and fragrance.


    Don't be a dirty, bitter bitch!

    Be a clean, kind bitch!









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