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Bitchy Energy Chakra Collection

"No more TOXIC ingredients or shady bitches to BITCH about!"

Life can be difficult to manage when there is chaos, busy schedules, and negative people surrounding us.  We started The Bitchy Energy Candle Collection in 2019 when life was pretty normal, but still hectic and in need of a daily reset.  Then 2020 hit us all and we knew that we had to give you something bigger and more potent than just our candles.  The Bitchy Energy Chakra Collection is here to get you through an ongoing pandemic, protests, and an election that (seems) to never end.


Energy Candles are hand-poured in small batches.  Made from Clean Burning, Non-GMO Coconut Wax and Phthalate - Free essential and fragrance oils that have been custom blended to create a comforting environment for you to clear away negativity and find some inner peace. Real crystals accompany every candle and vary in shape, size, and color. 

Bitchy Roller Balls are custom blended in an Organic Coconut Oil base. Using Certified Pure Essential Oils along with real crystal chips that have been tumbled and polished to charge the oils with positive earth elements.

Bitchy Chakra Sprays are custom blended using an Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel and/or Rosewater, mixed with Certified Pure Essential Oils and the coordinating chakra crystals.

If quarantine just isn't your thing and you MUST get out on the road. We've added our every popular Car Perfume Diffusers to the Chakra Collection. They are too small to add crystals, but we sure did pack in some powerhouse fragrance to uplift, energize, and set your mood in the right direction while you get to your destination.

Build up your Bitchy Energy! Get More Balanced! Ward off those TOXIC Bitches while you level up your positivity in a very Bitchy way. 

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