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Don't be a dirty, bitter bitch!  Be a clean, kind bitch!

Hello!  My name is Crystal.  I am the Head Bitch in Charge of Bitchy Bath and Body.  Each and every Bitchy product that you see and love is created by me in the Bitchy lab.  I love to cook and I love to create.  This will be clear to you when you see, smell, and experience your first Bitchy product (please do not eat your Bitchy soaps).


My Bitchy journey started as a personal need for myself and my family.  In 2003, I developed bruising all over the lower half of my body.  It seemed that I may have started into the early stages of Lupus, a disease that my older and younger sister both had struggled with for more than 20 years at that time. This caused me to discontinue what was a thriving modeling and acting career.   I started to go down a natural path looking for solutions to my skin issues.  I started treating myself from the inside out.  This started with changes to my diet.  Not knowing what the marks were coming from, I also removed chemical products from my home as well.  Sharing these creations with friends and family started my journey with Tres Chic Craft Boutique in 2011. 


Wanting to make sure that I created products that were safe and effective for a wide variety of people, I gave full-sized samples to friends and family that had told me about their Bitchy skin issues.  They ranged from suffering from Psoriasis, Lupus, Sjogrens, Diabetes, arthritis, eczema, skin allergies, aging, and general dryness.  After getting thumbs up, high-fives, and the famous, "Can I have some more?" I started my handmade business journey as Tres Chic Craft Boutique.


My first handmade soap was, Skinny Bitch.  Having been called this name more times that I could count, it only seemed perfect for my Organic Coconut Oil soap fragranced with Orange Essential Oil.  She says, "I'm juicing to lose like ten pounds."  As my Bitchy girls and boy names grew, we became one big family.  I decided just to get my full Bitch on and changed my company to Bitchy Bath and Body in 2018.  Trademarking the brand made it official and the product line expanded with all the yummy products I have been making for my family all along.


 Bitchy soaps are cold processed.  Cold Processed soaps are entirely handmade, unlike Melt and Pour soaps which are pre-made blocks that are melted in a microwave.  Bitchy soaps contain three simple ingredients, coconut oil, lye, and liquids.  When I say liquids, you will see that Bitchy soaps are often made with creative infusions such as wine, coffee, and teas.  This allows my Foodie Bitch to come out and play with the Nerdy Bitch deep inside of me (she loves chemistry).  Bitchy soaps take from 4 to 6 weeks to fully  process and assure they are gentle for all skin types.  This is why you may see that items are not always in-stock.  Get them while they are hot and fresh or you'll have to wait a few more weeks to get your fix. 

In addition to these deliciously addictive soaps, we have natural deodorants, pain relief bars, bath bombs, room sprays, lotions, candles and so much more.  We strive to ease your Bitchy body (and life) problems in a way that is gentle to the environment and your skin.  Bitchy Products are free from harsh chemicals and packed with skin-loving anti-oxidants,  Go shop!  You'll see!  Love your bitchy self!

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Bitchy Products are handmade in the USA, sell nationwide online, and in select retail locations in Nevada.


Don't be a dirty, bitter bitch! Be a clean, kind bitch!

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