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This soap is truly fit for a princess.  The beautiful true pink color.  The soft feminine fragrance.  Topping it all off with delicate jasmine flowers creates the perfect soap fit for royalty. 


Pampered yourself pretty with "Princess" soap.  You will feel happy to use it and sad to see it go away.  


Moisturizing, high sudsing, coconut oil fabulousness. 


Yass princess!  Life is so good!


Great for:

-Bridal Showers

-Baby Showers

-Wedding Gifts

-Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority 


Please test for sensitivities on a small area of the face before use.  


Bars are a minimum of 3.75 ounces in produced weight.  


Create a gift basket with Princess Sugar Scrub, Princess Bitchy Bombs, Boy Toy, or Rich Bitch Soaps.  

Princess Bitch™

  • Saponified Coconut Oil, Fragrance Oil,  Jasmine Flower Petals, Mica.


    Be a Princess! Be Bitchy!









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