Woosah bitch!  Relax!  Take some time to improve your energy and affirm that you are fucking fabulous!  


While on your journey to becoming your absolute best, you'll need these beautifully designed Bitchy Energy Chakra Affirmation Cards by your side. 


Designed by Crystal McKinney, Certified Chakra Energy Healing Practitioner. These cards come on high quality, glossy cardstock and measure in at 5" x 7".  


Each card is adorned with a beautiful bitchy goddess resting in a lotus pose. She's peaceful and ready to guide you with useful Chakra mantras, quotes, and affirmations. 


Root - I Am

Sacral - I Feel

Solar - I Do

Heart - I Love

Throat - I Speak

Third Eye - I See

Crown - I Understand


Repeat your Bitchy Affirmations while burning your Chakra Gemstone Candle and working out all the issues from your past. 


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Bitchy Affirmations 5x7 Card Set™


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