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Back In Paris

Paris 2019. Yes, you are still my number one first love.

Paris is a magical place to me. I feel at home. I feel in tune with nature. I feel in the now. I feel like the best me I can be. I feel in love!

Parisiennes are often misunderstood, in my opinion. I am also misunderstood. I have heard so many incorrect stereotypes about my Paris friends. It's okay. I get reactions that are not all that nice all the time either.

My observations and experiences tell me that Parisiennes love the best things in life. They value their time, money, and livelihood. I don't see them wasting their time on much of anything that doesn't please them. The women take care of themselves inside and out, and it seems that the men do to. They love leisurely time to relax and connect. I see people in Paris, truly paying attention to each other. That also means that they are paying attention to me too.

I have heard that French people do not like Americans. They are rude. They will not help you unless you speak French and more. Well...I sincerely beg to differ. First of all, people of all types of backgrounds have the ability to be mean to others. We for sure know that Americans are not so nice to foreigners or even to each other. We treat people badly based on economics, weight, skin color, religion, sexual preference, and so much more. Why should we expect to step foot in France and have everyone throw flower petals at our feet, when we would not do that to them when they jump off the jetway? We shouldn't.

Even so, I find that I've been treated with kindness and welcomed in as a guest into this beautiful buzzing city far away from the United States. I have taken the time to learn as much French as I possibly could in my spare time. Learning key phrases is probably one reason why I am respected and treated well. I can easily say common greetings and reply if I am given one first. I know numbers in French. This allows me to request a taxi to my hotel or another location with no problems. I know the names of foods I would eat such as "poulet" which is chicken. I also am aware of the names of foods that I do not prefer like goat. Simple things that I know I will require while visiting are on me to understand and fulfill, not a stranger that I approach. I start with my French communication at the beginning of any encounter and then ask if they speak English when I'm in over my head. I've never had anyone do anything rude in reply. The truth is that many French people simply do not speak English. They have no need to. French people do not migrate to the US like many other cultural groups. If you visit Paris, you'll understand why. There is not a need. Paris is fucking awesome! I want to migrate there!

Anyway, this blog post was supposed to be about shopping in Paris. I'm changing the name and we'll talk about my fun and exciting Tour de France in the next post.


"Don't be a dirty, bitter bitch! Be a clean, kind bitch!"



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